Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Easter Table

I meant to get this posted last week, but last week I found out I am moving.  Then I look at the dishes in my house and think, "ugh!  I have to pack!!!"  So, I have packing boxes out and am collecting more.  In the four years I have lived here, I have collected more dishes.  This will be a chore in the next ten weeks, to get life packed.  I am planning to set a table, take pics, and then pack it up.  Maybe that way, I can get a few tables saved up for future weeks. 

As one who group up in the age of "preppy," I tend to love pink and green together. I also think the color combination shouts "it's SPRING!"
The bread plates are pink depression era glass.  The flower plates I got at Hobby Lobby and the green plates are Shamrock Fiesta ware.  The place mats came from Target last year.  I had matching napkins, but one was ruined by accident by my husband.  (Trying not to dwell on that too much!)  I have tried to find them again to replace it, but no luck, so I pulled out my spring green napkins.

I had so much fun with this table.  It seemed to just 'hop' right out there.

I had hoped this pic would turn out better, but the napkin rings are cute little bunnies in a variety of poses.  With the green napkins, it kind of looks like they are peeking around a cabbage leaf.
The little egg cups with feet came from Hobby Lobby.  The one in the back with the candle was found at a thrift store for $.70.

My server is decorated with cabbage leafs and bunnies.  The Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage leaf platter and chip and dip tray came from Ross.

This Bordallo Pinheiro Bunny Accent Tray came from ebay.

This little bunny cream pitcher and the one you can see in the picture above with the cabbage platter were passed down from my grandma.  I have so few things from my grandma, these are treasured.

I have had this egg tree for several years.  It came from Home Interiors.
The eggs peek sweetly from the nest surrounded by ribbon.

The pink salt and pepper shakers are Tiara.

My grandma had a glass bunny covered bowl like this one.  When I spotted one in an antique store I grabbed it.  I also have a very small white one that is a hen.  You will see in another post.

The egg tray I also got from ebay.  

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting us!


  1. First, I feel your pain about moving. We moved a little over a year ago and I am still unpacking dishes and trying to find places for them. And you table....just adorable. I really like the tablecloth that is on what looks like might be the side table - the one with the little chicks on it. All of it is so springy and festive. Makes you wanna sit down and have ham and potato salad. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your move.

  2. When you are a dish lover, moving is not very fun and people cannot believe how many boxes you have. Good luck with that. I love your green and pink dishes and your table is just fun. Also love the bunny (is it a snack set) dish and the egg cups. Joni

  3. Well packing dishes is not fun, so sorry, you could use some helpers, I love your pretty pink dishes and your table is very cute cute, love the egg cups too....

  4. Great combination of plates, everything looks so pretty. I don't envy you having to pack them all up, I've done that many times before. Moving is hard work.. I hope it all goes well for you.

  5. Happy Easter. I like your preppy table. Good luck packing and on your move. I hate packing (moved 11 times so far..ugh) but when I get to the next house I can't wait to put it all out again and show it off and enjoy all my pretty things.

  6. Pretty Easter table...I see you have the pink bunny sandwich platter, too cute.
    I don't envy you having to pack up your dishes, that is one job I hope never to have to do, again.

  7. If I would be an Easter bunny I would right away hop on your table and make my nest. Everything looks so cute.

    Wish you a happy Easter.

  8. A very pretty Easter table! It IS fun to pull things together to set a table, isn't it? Yours has so many special touches!